Web and mobile applications developer

Web and mobile have eclipsed the desktop but users are still expecting to find that rich desktop experience on the web and across all of their digital devices.
These days, everything is an app and application development requires a specific kind of developer.
We must move away from designing web pages and toward designing systems. Brad Frost
They must be flexible, possess intuitive as well as explicit knowledge, pursue a personal interest in their discipline and be focused on solutions.
Developing for web and mobile is challenging. As an experienced programmer I have the confidence and expertise required to apply the multiple frameworks necessary for delivering applications and websites across multiple platforms.

Let's Work Together On ...

1 Beautiful and responsive websites that are adaptable to device and platform offering progressive enhancement up to the full feature set possible with HTML5, CSS3 and Web 2.0 APIs
2 Sophisticated web apps using advanced JavaScript techniques including industry-standard libraries, object-orientation, modularity and design patterns ideal for asynchronous integration with PHP/MySQL over RESTful web services
In JavaScript, there is a beautiful, elegant, highly expressive language that is buried under a steaming pile of good intentions and blunders. Douglas Crockford
3 Cross-platform mobile apps using Adobe Phonegap/Apache Cordova with HTML5, CSS3 and mobile JavaScript frameworks
4 GPU accelerated Adobe Flash games for the web with ActionScript 3.0 and the Starling framework
5 Cross-platform desktop and mobile apps with ActionScript 3.0 and Adobe AIR
We are continuing to develop Adobe AIR for both the desktop and mobile devices. We are focusing our Flash Player efforts on advanced video, and robust graphically rich gaming. Mike Chambers, Adobe
6 Native iOS apps in Objective-C and Cocoa Touch


Jim has been wandering around the internet since the early 90s. In 1998 he joined a ground breaking postgraduate program at The Hypermedia Research Centre, University of Westminster. Part theory and part practice the course was taught by industry innovators Anti-ROM and Lateral and 'Imaginary Futures' author Dr Richard Barbrook.
I started in the industry as a front-end developer and then got interested in proprietary platforms like Adobe Flash.
Following graduation Jim helped establish award-winning digital games studio Kerb, pioneers of viral marketing and early adopters of Adobe Flash.
But now is the right time to return to open standards. HTML5, CSS3 and a mature JavaScript environment are helping developers and users alike to release the full potential of the web.
Jim has spent the best part of the last decade partnering with NMA Top 100 digital agencies such as Poke, Publicis and Iris Worldwide to create award-winning content for major brands like Sony Ericsson, Nickelodeon and the BBC.
Add mobile into the equation and it's never been a more exciting time to be a developer.
Jim is also an artist and outsider engineer. His work is inspired by vintage technology. It aims to celebrate the abandoned, the derelict and the obsolete. At the end of 2012 Jim spent three months in NYC learning to repair synthesisers and studied contemporary art practice at Brooklyn hackerspace 3rd Ward.
Jim is also an occasional travel writer and has covered Burning Man for a men's health magazine and blogged his way around Tokyo for 3 mobile.
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